Experient Consulting is focused on helping executives of large corporations to lead high-impact improvement initiatives in the core administrative functions - Shared Services, Finance, Travel, Procurement, Information Technology, and Human Resources  - to:

Develop Functional Strategies - Whether it's collaborating on a new vision for the role of Finance or ensuring success of an offsite meeting of the HR leadership team, we work with executives of the key administrative functions to move the action forward on strategic issues for the functions they lead

  • Functional strategy assessment
  • Development of strategic alternatives
  • Building organizational commitment
  • Creating the roadmap for change

Build Productive and Responsive Processes - We support process redesign initiatives of most core administrative functions with methodologies and tools to build consensus among the leadership, design improved processes and create and implement the resulting plans

  • Process baselining and assessment
  • Best practice identification and evaluation
  • Process redesign
  • Identifying, launching and completing critical initiatives

Capture the Benefits Quickly - We prefer to see our clients adopt a quick-results approach to making improvement at all levels. Learning by doing generates much more acceptance and enthusiasm for the change today; the experience of success builds the change capacity of all involved.

  • Employing tools and methods to bring tangible improvements quickly
  • Developing a framework for sustainable achievement
  • Creating the environment and disciplines for near-term success
  • Launching and managing initiatives