Executive Consortia

Experient Consulting establishes and moderates consortia of executives with similar roles and interests. The purpose of a consortium is to provide a forum for leaders within close proximity to discuss topics of common interest, leverage collective expertise, and share experience and insight. Each consortium "belongs to its members" in that they decide on the topics, establish the rules governing the meetings, and invite members. Fundamentally, it is a meeting of the leaders for the leaders.

The format of a consortium is straightforward and hard-hitting. In order to ensure the consistency and open communication of the "executive-level" network, the meetings are open to the leaders only, and substitutes are not allowed. A typical consortium operates with two separate day-long meetings each year and six to ten members in attendance. The consortium members typically kick off meetings with a dinner the evening before, and the meeting location rotates among members' offices so that the meetings are held in a business atmosphere.

We facilitate the selection of topics in advance and develop agendas interactively based on input from the members. The dialog and exchange of information is rich and utilizes a format where one member kicks off the discussion on a topic providing their perspectives, accomplishments and experience, followed by discussion and debate among all the members.

Our experience with executive consortia began in 2003 when we established the "Florida Shared Services Leaders Consortium." Participating companies in Florida include: Cemex, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Disney, GE, Lockheed Martin, and Unisource. The Florida shared services leaders believe their consortium is far and away the best gathering on shared services topics available. The members believe the consortia are successful because they are intimate, peer-level, informal and address the most relevant issues.

In 2009 we established the "Northeast Shared Services Leaders’ Consortium" to serve the Boston to Washington corridor.  Participating companies include General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Merck, and Thomson Reuters. This consortium is open to accepting a few additional members.