Executive Team
  • Administrative cost optimization
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Telecommunications

Administrative Cost Optimization – This consumer products company sought to optimize their SG&A expenses and assure they were competitive with other leading companies.  Our team gathered and compared their costs and practices in Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Sourcing, IT, Sales, Marketing, and Logistics to industry benchmarks.  We identified opportunities for reducing cycle times, streamlining and redesigning processes, adjusting organization structures including establishing multi-function shared services, sourcing several key indirect commodities, and upgrading technology to automate certain manual processes.  Resulting savings varied by function and ranged from one to fifteen percent.

Business Process Outsourcing - The leaders of this early-stage BPO outsourcing company sought to identify improvements in efficiency and effectiveness that would free up capacity to accommodate an anticipated growth period while cutting operating costs dramatically. Client working teams identified seventy-five early win improvements and selected fifteen for implementation within three months. Productivity generating 25% cost savings gains achieved were astounding to all. Client teams felt energized as a "learning organization" and focused on continuous process improvement

Telecommunications - The Executive team led a reorganization of the operations and support functions of this $2 billion dollar company to provide industry-leading quality and customer service. Customer-facing marketing, selling and technical functions were decentralized to regional operating teams while administrative functions were centralized under an administrative services structure. Key corporate functions were strengthened, accountability for performance was made clearer, and a business model supporting rapid acquisition integration was established.