Finance Leadership
  • Global industrial company shared services
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Semiconductor designer and manufacturer

Global Industrial Company - The CFO of this global industrial company wanted to develop and implement a global service delivery model for financial operations, leveraging the benefits of existing shared services operations in two divisions. Finance leadership developed and articulated a global model while functional teams developed best practice processes for global implementation, then prepared a roadmap for successful implementation of business case-justified changes and improvements over time.

Telecommunications - Finance leadership developed a vision to achieve best practice efficiency and effectiveness across its divisions while improving teamwork and sharing of best practices. Client teams built visions and business cases for improvement, while senior management established a roadmap for implementation of the planned improvements

Semiconductor Manufacturer – As part of the overall organization planning this initiative was undertaken to identify the skills and competencies needed today and over the next three years in the Finance organization, evaluate how well the current organization was meeting the needs, and make recommendations on filling any skill and competency gaps.  The engagement included identification of high potential people, key positions, and an evaluation of bench strength.  Additionally, culture issues were identified.  We developed recommendations together with the senior Finance team to fill competency gaps, build bench strength, institute professional development programs geared toward high performers, and addressed cultural issues with new communications and recognition programs.

Consumer Packaged Goods - The CFO of this $10 billion global marketer led a transformation of his function to improve the value delivered by finance, reduce cost dramatically to peer group levels, and support an ongoing organizational shift toward regional, and away from country-level, P&L accountability. The uncertainty, inefficiency and fear created by this profound degree of change was addressed head-on with a change leadership initiative that focused on governance, communications, risk management, culture development, and training. The comprehensive attention to change issues drove new behavior that guaranteed the ultimate success of the transformation.