HR Leadership
  • Financial services
  • Consumer packaged goods

Financial Services - The HR leadership of this 18,000-employee organization recognized that costs were too high and they needed to better integrate service offerings with the business units. The HR executive team evaluated their goals, explored practices of other leading companies, and through a series of "summit meetings" set a new direction for HR based upon a vision for service, efficiency and effectiveness. They launched initiatives to plan and implement a number of essential improvements to the activities of the group.

Consumer Packaged Goods - Responding to a decline in the market share of its key brands, this industry-leading $6 billion food company launched a major restructuring, reducing production and overhead costs while boosting marketing and promotion spending to meet competitive thrusts and changes in consumer tastes. In addition to supporting the company through the reorganization, HR was expected to contribute to the cost reduction. Led by the HR SVP, a team developed a vision for a redesigned HR function incorporating shared services, centers of expertise and a changed generalist role. We helped the team focus on the highest value redesign activities, build internal consensus, gather external benchmarks, develop the vision for HR, and make the transition to implementation.