iTP= Information: Travel Performance

iTP is a powerful new resource to manage business Travel more effectively.  Experient Consulting and the Travel Performance Task Force have established an indispensable tool for executives and managers of Travel in major companies.  iTP compares 60 key metrics of Travel performance and identifies the “Better Practices” that drive results.  iTP is not for sale, nor is there a report for sale.

Travel Performance Task Force has been developed by Experient Consulting and a task force made up of nine leading global companies that are recognized for excellence of their travel management programs and that lead these industries:

  • Aerospace, Defense and Security
  • Automotive and Building Experience
  • Business and Personal Software
  • Computers and Technology
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Health, Lifestyle and Well-being
  • Investments
  • Publishing and Information
  • Semi-conductors

Major Corporate Travel Management Issues

While companies reduced their travel expenditures 30 to 70 percent from 2008 to 2009 because of the economic downturn, corporate Travel leaders today are exploring new resources for dealing with these seven issues:

  • Continually achieving greater business value from the travel spend, even with the anticipated business upturn
  • Working to buy at the lowest cost (in the world)
  • Working toward standardization and globalization of their travel programs, technology and policies
  • Increasing pressure on compliance by Travelers with policy and preferred suppliers to reduce cost
  • Increasing demand for data and information to drive effective management of Travel
  • Increasing focus on employee safety and security
  • Managing suppliers effectively in a volatile market

These issues stretch modest size Travel departments that they work to address them.  External comparisons, perspectives and benchmarks accelerate the Travel department’s ability to devise and implement solutions.  However, existing quantitative benchmarks are limited and lack credibility, while practice comparisons are dependent on informal meetings and large conference presentations that attempt to cover a broad set of processes.

iTP Solution

iTP provides solutions: a credible database of KPIs and other metrics that the founding members selected and participated in defining, and a “Better Practices Library”. Both of these information tools will be updated and available on an evergreen basis as part of a secure portal for the task force members.

itp data

Travel KPI Benchmarks

  • Cost % of Revenue
  • Year over year trends
  • Many more KPIs and drill down
  • Evergreen database with regular updates

Better Practices Library

  • Over 100 Better Practices of leading companies
  • Business cases demonstrating cost, value and benefits
  • Regular updates


Travel Leaders' Forum

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Weekly Research Calls
  • On-line Forum
  • Research Results Conference
  • Semi-Annual Consortuim Meetings