Experient Consulting conducts independent and sponsored research into emerging business ideas and practices, as well as existing best practices in staff functions and shared services.

Powerful New Management tool for Travel Leaders, CFOs and Business Executives

iTP is a powerful new resource to manage business Travel more effectively.  Experient Consulting and the Travel Performance Task Force have established an indispensable for executives and managers of Travel in major companies.  iTP compares 60 key metrics of Travel performance and identifies the “Better Practices” that drive results.  iTP is not for sale, nor is there a report for sale.  

Travel Performance Task Force

iTP has been developed by Experient Consulting and a task force made up of nine leading global companies that are recognized for excellence of their travel management programs and that lead these industries:

  • Aerospace, Defense and Security
  • Automotive and Building Experience
  • Business and Personal Software
  • Computers and Technology
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Health, Lifestyle and Well-being
  • Investments
  • Publishing and Information
  • Semi-conductorsre

Shared Services Value Research

Shared services, as a business tool, have created tremendous value in Finance, Human Resources, and other functional areas in companies around the world. As shared services have moved into states of maturity, companies have been looking to answer the question of “What’s next? How do we continue to add value?” Many have turned to business process outsourcing and have found significant benefits. However, this is not the only strategy to continuing to add more value. We have found that there are numerous opportunities for adding significant value, potentially well-beyond what has been achieve so far, by recognizing that there are different types of value that need to be managed differently. When these are recognized, new strategies can be put in place to continue to move up the value chain. And this approach works whether companies have gone down the BPO route or not.

In our first article on shared services value, we discussed the three types of value: Economic Value, Process Integrity Value, and Business Results Value. We also discussed strategies for moving up the value chain. In this follow-up article we discuss the role of satisfaction and how it is managed as a critical building block in moving up the value chain.