Shared Services
  • Media
  • Consumer Products
  • Defense Contractor
  • Information Services
  • Energy Equipment and Services

Media – Assisted leadership of this multi-function shared services organization to create strategic and operations plans that would address ways to increase the value their organization brought to the corporation.  The planning process was a collaboration of the extended leadership team, established a baseline of performance, identified key issues in process and technology performance, explored customer satisfaction and communications issues, considered the capability and capacity of the organization, and identified new service offerings to extend and move up the value chain.  The plans clarified goals and objectives and focused attention of the organization on its highest return initiatives.

Consumer Products - Leaders of a recently-implemented shared services organization were striving to maximize performance. We worked with client teams to develop visions for optimized processes, identify early-win improvements, and establish a foundation for culture development in this rapidly expanding organization. The team delivered short-term improvements and the ability to take on additional business units and functions more effectively.

Defense Contractor - Worked with the shared services leadership team of a major defense contractor to build strategic and operating plans for each major function.  Effort began with the following current state assessments: Net Promoter Score, customer relationships, service and quality, and organization competency and capability.  Clear goals and objectives  and strategies for achieving them were set.  A detailed planning process was established and followed.  The resulting plans focused improvement efforts on building customer relationships and managing and measuring process quality more systematically.  This effort resulted in improving relationships with internal customers and clear focus on highest priority needs.

Information Services - The customer care unit of this leading service provider needed to provide the capacity and quality of service to support rapid company growth, while improving efficiency. Our client team identified “early win” improvements for capacity gains, then moved on to establish a vision for breakthrough improvements in customer service management. A robust business case was developed and the improvement plan, approved by executive management, was implemented.

Energy Equipment and Services - The company had embarked upon transforming all administrative functions in the company across multiple divisions and implementing ERP software globally. We worked with client to design and establish a multi-continent service delivery model, including shared services for finance, HR, and IT. Shared services was rolled out effectively and contributed significantly to ability to successfully implement new business processes and ERP software.